Home Staging featured on Gold Coast 9 News

Home Staging featured on Gold Coast 9 News

Home Staging or Property Styling has been around for many years. Its only in recent times that Home Staging featured in the main arena. With programs like the block that has promoted the subject. Making sure it has been taken seriously and the true value recognised in Australia. It was once believed that an empty home would pluck on the heartstrings of a prospective buyer. as much as a beautifully styled property. Now the verdict is out and Staging has finally got the respect it deserves.

Home Staging featured on News

So much so that Home Staging featured on 9 News prime time slot.

Meg Ritchie from Gold Coast Property Styling was interviewed by Nataila Pruchniewicz from 9 news. The interview detailed the pros of Home Staging / Property Styling. In this detailed interview where Meg explained about the large number of her clients that had exceeded their price expectations. That or sold their stagnant listing quick once their property was styled by Gold Coast Property Styling.

Meg described the process her company takes with their customers. Where they can jump onto Gold Coast Property Styling website and complete an Online Quote in less than 1 minute. They get a no hassle quote and a follow up from Meg within 2 business days to see if they want to proceed.

The proof is in the results as Meg explains “Read our reviews” on google to see what other customers are saying.

9 News on Property Styling

Gold Coast Property Styling gets featured on 9 News

Posted by Gold Coast Property Styling – Staging homes 'For Sale' on Thursday, 22 August 2019

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