Home staging or Newspaper advertising?

Home staging or Newspaper advertising?

Presentation Over Press

When i visit a Home staging client for the first time one of the first questions i ask is ‘Have you spoken to a real estate agent yet?’ Most of the time fortunately they have not but sometimes they say yes. I prefer the latter.

Reason is, nowadays i do not believe in newspaper advertising and i think the money can be better spent. I also believe that it is in the vendors best interest to spend money on the presentation of their asset over print advertising especially if they are on a tight budget. If ever they had to choose between advertising and Home staging which one should they choose?

Recently i helped a client who did just that, she chose Home staging her property over newspaper advertising and felt that was money better spent. She told her agent the same too ‘I told Luke that i was seeing you and that i would rather put my money into making the place look great than print advertising’, says Jenny Adamson Property Developer, Miami.

Recently we went shopping together for pieces to finish off her place and give it the WOW factor. We did just that, it looked fantastic once completed, Jenny said ‘it looks so vibrant now’.

She spent under $2,000 which is still less than her print advertising bill would have been with the Gold Coast Bulletin. The staging was completed along with the shopping trip in less than 48 hours and she was ready for her photo shoot that same week, on the market within a week. She has built and sold many properties over the years and sees that presentation is far more important nowadays than the biggest advert placement in the local paper. Websites like https://www.realestate.com.au/buy do more than your print advertising can do.

All in a days work